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STEEL PANTHER Is Still Working On A Television Series

STEEL PANTHER drummer Stix Zadinia has confirmed to Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio that the band is still working on a television series.

"That's a goal of ours," he said (hear audio below). "We're in discussions with a production company right now, and to have a TV show — that medium would be amazing. Or a feature film, a STEEL PANTHER feature, would be pretty amazing. And we're doing everything we can to try to make those things all happen. We wanna do it all."

As for STEEL PANTHER's other plans for the coming months, Stix said: "I think we're gonna plan on going to Australia next year. We're gonna do a lot of touring. But in the meantime, we're filming a lot of stuff for our YouTube channel, Steel Panther Television. And we're always writing music. So we're doing a lot of things to stay entertaining, to stay creative. We just wanna spread the STEEL PANTHER gospel as far and wide as possible — let everybody know it's okay to not be politically correct."

Back in 2010, it was announced that Comedy Central had ordered a loosely scripted docu-reality show which followed the members of STEEL PANTHER as they attempted to bring back heavy metal. The show was said to be created by Brian Posehn ("The Sarah Silverman Program") and Jeff Tremaine ("Jackass").

STEEL PANTHER's fifth studio album, "Heavy Metal Rules", will be released on September 27. The disc, which is described in a press release as a "heavy metal version of a self-help manual and ultimate party album combined," was once again produced by Jay Ruston, who collaborated with the band on all of its previous recordings, including its last LP, 2017's "Lower The Bar".