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UNVEIL THE STRENGTH is the name of the new band featuring former FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH bassist Matt Snell. He is joined in the group by Mark W?lfe, Andy James, Matt Guillory and Tim Hassemer.

An introductory video, featuring UNVEIL THE STRENGTH's upcoming track "War Inside Us All", can be seen below.

Says Snell: "We want to put the grown man back in metal — that spirit is being lost in the shuffle. We're going back to the roots, to real fucking metal."

Despite UNVEIL THE STRENGTH's old-school approach to writing, they're taking a contemporary approach to marketing their music. For its upcoming album, UNVEIL THE STRENGTH will not do a traditional record release. Snell reveals: "The landscape has changed so much regarding how to successfully get music to the public, so we're going a different route. Right now, we're halfway through the album and we have video concepts for every song. Instead of releasing all 10 songs at once that will just be put up on the Internet to be stolen, our idea is to constantly release new songs all the time. We want to unveil this record to the public, with a video to go along with each song."

Although UNVEIL THE STRENGTH is officially based out of Austin, Texas, it is truly an international band, with members in London, Nevada, California, Colorado, and Texas. All of the musicians have professional studios where they can record their own instrument's tracks, so the group easily collaborates by file sharing.

UNVEIL THE STRENGTH's first song, titled "Foundations", was recorded in Austin. They wanted an edgier sound than what is currently being produced in the States, so they have been working with Rob Kukla of Studio Fredman and Henrik Udd of Henrik Udd Recording in Gothenburg, Sweden. Udd is known for his impeccable production with acts such as ARCHITECTS, BRING ME THE HORIZON, AT THE GATES and DELAIN. The upcoming album, slated for a 2019 release, is still being recorded.

Snell says: "The production is amazing on the new album. It accentuates that we're an active rock band — but we're a little bit heavier, a little bit edgier. It illustrates that we can write, and that we have an ear for metal."

Snell is especially proud of Mark's lyrics, which he describes as "real." Snell goes on to praise Mark's extraordinary writing ability, saying: "Mark has had an amazing life. He is a Marine; a veteran. He's lived on the streets, ya know? He's seen and done a lot. He writes from his core being and writes real songs that relate to the band's message."