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New RATT Guitarist JORDAN ZIFF Is Working On First Solo Album

New RATT lead guitarist Jordan Ziff — who is also a member of Marty Friedman's backing band — has told "The Official Danko Jones Podcast" that he is finishing up a solo record that he has been "working on for a little while.

" He explained (hear audio below): "I've been working on it longer than I should have been, but I get busy playing with other people and going and doing gigs and doing the stuff that pays the bills, so I haven't been focused enough on my own stuff. So it's kind of cool I've been able to do that."

Speaking about what fans can expect musically from his debut solo record, Ziff said: "It's gonna be mostly instrumental, with the exception of possibly a few songs that there's singing on. And a couple of covers too, but they're covers that were not originally instrumental, and I turned them into instrumentals."

Jordan said that he is taking his time with his solo album in order to make sure it's exactly how he wants it to come across. "I'll do more of these, but once I get one done, I'm gonna feel better about doing more of them at a quicker pace — not to rush them, but just I'll feel more comfortable with it," he said. "'Cause for me, there's just a lot of instrumental music out there that really bores me, to be perfectly honest, and for me, it's not the same approach I would have as writing a regular song, where it's, like, intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge. I kind of am all over the place with the stuff that I write, but the only thing that's really important to me is if it keeps you interested and if the melodies in it are strong enough to remember after you've listened to the song, or especially listened to the whole album."

Regarding how he plans on making his solo LP while in quarantine, Ziff said: "I'm gonna do probably most of the stuff at my house, and then I'm gonna send it out, have a drummer play on all the tracks. And if some little things need to be changed here and there to make my parts cooler with the drums, I'll do that too. It's not the way that I would personally love to do it — I'd rather write these songs and then be able to get in a room with a drummer, but that's not really happening right now."

Ziff began playing with Friedman for the former MEGADETH and CACOPHONY guitarist's tour in support of his acclaimed 2014 release, "Inferno". He joined RATT in 2018.