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CLUTCH "PA Tapes (Live In Oregon, 10/09/22)". -: Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone) Walking In The Great Shining Path Of Monster Trucks Nosferatu Madre Promoter (Of Earthbound Causes) El Jefe Speaks Pure Rock Fury Green Buckets Elephant Riders Mountain Of Bone Willie Nelson The Mob Goes Wild A Shogun Named Marcus Animal Farm Passive Restraints Skeletons On Mars Noble Savage The Face Slaughter Beach Earth Rocker The House That Peterbilt #Clutch #AlternativeRock #Alternative_Rock #HardRock #Hard_Rock #StonerRock #Stoner_Rock

com/medias-static/images/news/2023/650024CA-clutch-release-pa-tapes-live-in-nashville-9-24-22-image.jpeg" alt="CLUTCH Release PA Tapes (Live In Portland, 10/9/22)">