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Видео полного выступления YNGWIE MALMSTEEN

Видео полного выступления YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, которое состоялось седьмого сентября в Ace Of Spades, Sacramento, California, доступно для просмотра ниже: 0:00 Intro 1:26 Rising Force 4:32 Top Down, Foot Down 6:10 No Rest for the Wicked 7:44 Soldier 11:02 Song Break 11:31 Into Valhalla 13:09 Baroque & Roll 14:51 Like An Angel 18:55 Relentless Fury 20:53 Now Your Ships Are Burned 24:18 Wolves At The Door (G minor Arp) 27:24 Yngwie Talks to Crowd Si Vis Pacem (Parabellum) 27:53 Badinere (Double F# M) 30:18 Paganinie's 4TH/ARPAGIO 31:26 33:04 Far Beyond The Sun 38:20 Star Spangled Banner 39:33 Seventh Sign Toccata 44:35 Keyboard 46:30 Evil Eye 49:50 Smoke On The Water (DEEP PURPLE cover) 53:13 Emilio Talks to Crowd 53:59 Trilogy Segue 54:52 Trilogy 56:41 Vengeance 57:11 Guitar Solo 1:00:44 Red House 1:03:55 Fugue 1:06:39 Guitar Solo & Noise 1:09:26 Drum Solo 1:11:11 You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget 1:13:57 Yngwie Thanks Crowd and Band Leaves Stage 1:14:36 Crowd Cheers 1:15:20 Yngwie Returns to Stage 1:15:57 Yngwie Plays Acoustic Guitar (Black Star Segue) 1:19:42 Black Star 1:25:50 Yngwie Thanks Crowd 1:26:30 Band Bows and Leaves Stage #Yngwie_Malmsteen #YngwieMalmsteen #SymphonicRock #Symphonic_Rock #AcousticRock #Acoustic_Rock #ClassicMetal #Classic_Metal #HeavyMetal #Heavy_Metal #NeoclassicMetal #Neoclassic_Metal

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