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Юбилейный сборник от KANSAS

KANSAS отметят 50-летие творческой деятельности выпуском специальной компиляции "Another Fork In The Road – 50 Years Of Kansas", которая будет снабжена обширным буклетом с массой редкий фотографий и заметками от Phil'a Ehart'a.


Disc 1:

Can I Tell You (new 2022 version)
The Absence of Presence (The Absence of Presence, 2020)
Throwing Mountains (The Absence of Presence, 2020)
Crowded Isolation (The Prelude Implicit, 2016)
Summer (The Prelude Implicit, 2016)
The Voyage of Eight Eighteen (The Prelude Implicit, 2016)
Icarus II (Somewhere to Elsewhere, 2000)
The Coming Dawn (Thanatopsis) (Somewhere to Elsewhere, 2000)
Distant Vision (Somewhere to Elsewhere, 2000)
The Wall (Always Never the Same, 1998)
Dust in the Wind (Always Never the Same, 1998)
Desperate Times (Freaks of Nature, 1995)
Under The Knife (Freaks of Nature, 1995)

North America Version – Disc 2:

Fight Fire With Fire (Drastic Measures, 1983)
End of the Age (Drastic Measures, 1983)
Incident on a Bridge (Drastic Measures, 1983)
Play the Game Tonight (Vinyl Confessions, 1982)
Crossfire (Vinyl Confessions, 1982)
Windows (Vinyl Confessions, 1982)
Hold On (Audio-Visions, 1980)
Loner (Audio-Visions, 1980)
Curtain of Iron (Audio-Visions, 1980)
No One Together (Audio-Visions, 1980)
On The Other Side (Monolith, 1979)
Angels Have Fallen (Monolith, 1979)
How My Soul Cries Out For You (Monolith, 1979)

Disc 3:

Carry On Wayward Son (Two for the Show, 1978)
Portrait (He Knew) (Point of Know Return, 1977)
Sparks of the Tempest (Point of Know Return, 1977)
Miracles Out of Nowhere (Leftoverture, 1976)
Magnum Opus (Leftoverture, 1976)
Icarus – Borne On Wings of Steel (Masque, 1975)
Child of Innocence (Mas que, 1975)
Down The Road (Song for America, 1975)
Song For America (Song for America, 1975)
The Devil Game (Song for America, 1975)
Death of Mother Nature Suite (Kansas, 1974)
Belexes (Kansas, 1974)
Journey From Mariabronn (Kansas, 1974)
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