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"Road Trippin'"

ROAD TRIPPIN' As recorded by Red Hot Chili Peppers on the album Californication (track 15) Words and Music by Red Hot Chili Peppers Transcribed 8/22/2001 by Alon Hafri, ECartman45@aol.com; E-mail me with comments/ suggestions! Thank you! Notes: Since I am always frustrated with tabs and the fact they don't show rhy- thm, I decided to include it in mine. Each dash represents a sixteenth note, half of an eight note. The chords aren't played. The chorus is called the chorus because I couldn't think of another name for it. All of this is in 4/4 time (except one measure). The spaces seen in some parts are there because the fret on the tab is a number with two digits, so just look at the dashes (-) to keep time. I tried really hard to make this TAB readable and stuff, and tried to incl- ude all the info needed (like how many times and when to play each part), so enjoy! :) order of parts- intro(2x) |interlude(1x) verse(2x) |verse(1x) alt. verse I(1x) |alt. verse II(1x) verse(1x) |alt. verse I(1x) alt. verse I(1x) |verse(1x) verse(4x) |alt. verse I(1x) chorus(2x) |verse(4x) verse(2x) |chorus(4x) alt. verse I(1x) |ending(1x) verse(3x) |ending bar ______________________________________________________________ intro/regular verse: (Em) (C) (B) ||--3-----3----3--|----------------|| ||-----0-----0--0-|--5-----4----4-4|| ||----------------|-----0-----0----|| ||2---------------|--------------4-|| ||----------------|3-3-3-3-2-------||<---* each first hit of the bass note ||--0-0-0-3--2--0-|-----------3--2-|| (the "2" in the first measure and the first "3" and "2" in the second) is played by the guitar (the rest is bass) ______________________________________________________________ alternate verse I: (Em) (C) (B) ||--3-----3--5--3-|----------------|| ||-----0----------|--5-----4----4-4|| ||----------------|-----0-----0----|| ||2---------------|--------------4-|| ||----------------|3-3-3-3-2-------||<---(*) see above -^ ||--0-0-0-3--2--0-|-----------3--2-|| ______________________________________________________________ chorus: (Am) (G/B) (C) (D) ||0----0----------|0----0--/7--7----|| ||--------0----0--|--------- 8---8--|| ||---2--2----0--0-|---0--0-- -7---7-|| ||----------------|--------0 -0-0-0-|| ||0-0-0-0-2-2-2-2-|3-3-3-3-- -------||<---each first hit of the bass note ||----------------|--------- -------|| (the first "0", "2", "3", and "0") is played by the guitar (the rest is bass) ______________________________________________________________ interlude (each first hit of the bass note is played by the guitar always; for those with three of the same bass note in a row, play the first two): (Em) (A) (C) (D) (Em) (A) (C) (F7) ||3----3-------0--|-----0--2----2--|3----3-------0--|-----0--5----5--| ||----5---2---2---|1---1-------3---|----5---2---2---|1---1-------4---| ||---4-------2----|---0-------2----|---4-------2----|---0-------5----| ||--2-------2-----|--2-----0-0-0---|--2-------2-----|--2-----3-3-3---| ||--------0---0---|3---3-----------|--------0---0---|3---3-----------| ||0---0-----------|----------------|0---0-----------|----------------| *measure of 2/4 (Em) (A) (C) (D) (Em) (A) (C) |3----3-------0--|-----0--2----2--|3----3-------0--|-----0--| |----5---2---2---|1---1-------3---|----5---2---2---|1---1---| |---4-------2----|---0-------2----|---4-------2----|---0----| |--2-------2-----|--2-----0-0-0---|--2-------2-----|--2-----| |--------0---0---|3---3-----------|--------0---0---|3---3---| |0---0-----------|----------------|0---0-----------|--------| (F#7) (F#7) |- -- - --11--8--- ---|14--11--8--5--2---|| |10-- 7 --10--7--10---|13--10--7--4--1-4-|| |11-- 8 --11--8--11---|14--11--8--5--2-2-|| |13-- 10--- -----13---|- --10--7--4--1-4-|| |- -- - 9-- -9-9-- -9-|12--- ----------6-||<---bass in first measure is |14-14- --- ------ ---|- --- ------------|| optional, as is the "12" in the second measure ______________________________________________________________ alternate verse II: (Em) (C) (B) ||--3-----3----3--|------------ --7-|| ||-----0-----0--0-|--5-----4--/8--8-|| ||----------------|-----0-----/7--7-|| ||2---------------|------------ ----|| ||----------------|3-3-3-3-2--- ----||<---each first hit of the bass note ||--0-0-0-3--2--0-|------------ ----|| (the "2" in the first measure and the first "3" and "2" in the second) is played by the guitar (the rest is bass) ______________________________________________________________ ending (slow down after second time): ending bar: (Em) (Em) (Em) (Em) ||--3-----------3-|----------3-----|------3---------|| ||--3--|| ||--------0-------|----0-----------|0-----------0---|| ||-----|| ||----------------|----------------|----------------|| ||-----|| ||2-----2-----2---|--2-----2-----2-|----2-----2-----|| ||2----|| ||----------------|----------------|----------------|| ||-----|| ||----------------|----------------|----------------|| ||-----|| DONE!!! ***************************************************************** * This file was generated with Power Tab Editor - Get it at * * http://home.tct.net/~blarsen * ***************************************************************** -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Person: Andres Suarez song: Road Trippin artist: Red Hot Chilli Peppers tab: This song it is not very important that in the verses, you use the riff one and two, you can use only the one and it is the same. Intro and verses: Riff 1. Em C B e:-----3-----3----3---3----------------| B:--------0-----0---0--0--5----4---4---| G:---------------------------0---0--0--| D:---2-------2----2--------------------| A:----------------------3-----2--------| E:-------------------------------------| Riff 2. Em C B e:-----3-----3---5-3----------------| B:--------0-----0---0--5----4---4---| G:------------------------0---0--0--| D:---2----2-------------------------| A:--------------------3-----2-------| E:----------------------------------| Riff 3. Am G/B C D(fast) e:----0-------3-------3-------7----7-----| B:-----1--------3-------5-------8----8---| G:-------2--------0-------5-------7------| D:----------------------------0----------| A:--0-------2-------3----3-----2---------| E:---------------------------------------| Riff.4 Em A C D e:---------------------------------| B:--8-----8--5---5--5--5--7--7-----| G:----9--------5-----5-----7-------| D:------9-------5-----5-----7------| A:--7--------0------3-----5--------| E:---------------------------------| Riff.5 Em A C D e:------------------------5-----5--| B:--8-----8--5---5--5--5----4------| G:----9--------5-----5--------5----| D:------9-------5-----5---4--------| A:--7--------0------3--------------| E:---------------------------------| Riff.6 Em A C D F C E D Db E:------------------------5---5--5------14--11--8--5--2---| B:--8-----8--5---5--5--5----4--4--4-----13--10--7--4--1---| G:----9--------5-----5---(5)-(5)(5)-----------------------| D:------9-------5-----5---4---4--4--4---13--10--7--4--1--1| A:--7--------0------3--------------------------------------| E:---------------------------------------------------------| Intro Riff.1 VERSE 1 Road trippin' with my two favorite allies Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies It's time to leave this town It's time to steal away Let's go get lost Anywhere in the U.S.A. Let's go get lost Let's go get lost Chorus: Riff 1 Blue you sit so pretty West of the one Sparkles light with yellow icing Just a mirror for the sun Just a mirror for the sun Just a mirror for the sun These Smiling eyes are just a mirror for So much as come before those battles lost and won This life is shining more forever in the sun Now let us check our heads And let us check the surf Staying high and dry's More trouble than it's worth In the sun Just a mirror for the sun Just a mirror for the sun Just a mirror for the sun These Smiling eyes are just a mirror for VERSE 3 In Big Sur we take some time to linger on We three hunky dory's got our snakefinger on Now let us drink the stars It's time to steal away Let's go get lost Right here in the U.S.A CHORUS These smiling eyes are just a mirror for These smiling eyes are just a mirror for Your smiling eyes are just a mirror for Enjoy it Pinche rolando gay seguramente te vas a meter y vas a ver aqui mi rola como vez exacta, bueno haber cuando ensaamos(lo de gay es broma). I fou have any quetion commentary or sugestio please email me to andres.suarez@correoweb.com

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