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Watch GEOFF TATE Perform QUEENSR?CHE's Entire 'Rage For Order' And 'Empire' Albums In Norway

Geoff Tate is performing the QUEENSR?CHE albums "Rage For Order" and "Empire" in their entirety on the "Empire 30th Anniversary Tour", which kicked off last month in Norway.

Fan-filmed video footage of Tate's entire January 24 concert at Kulturhus in Gjerdrum, Norway can be seen below.

"Rage For Order" video (clip 1)

0:00 Walk In The Shadows
4:34 I Dream In Infrared
8:45 The Whisper
12:17 Gonna Get Close To You
16:20 The Killing Words
21:58 Surgical Strike
25:25 Neue Regel
29:52 Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)
33:58 London
39:06 Screaming In Digital
42:50 I Will Remember

"Empire" video (clip 2)

0:00 Best I Can
5:46 The Thin Line
11:30 Jet City Woman
16:57 Della Brown
23:56 Another Rainy Night (Without You)
30:06 Empire
35:07 Resistance
40:54 Silent Lucidity
46:45 Hand On Heart
51:59 One And Only
58:00 Anybody Listening?


1:05:53 [Band Introductions]
1:07:32 Last Time In Paris
1:11:29 Eyes Of A Stranger

1986's "Rage For Order" introduced a much more polished look and sound for QUEENSR?CHE. The album featured keyboards as prominently as guitars, and the group adopted an image more closely associated with glam rock or glam metal than with heavy metal (of which glam metal was a subgenre). A video was filmed for the song "Gonna Get Close to You", originally recorded in 1984 by DALBELLO.

Released in 1990, "Empire" included the hit ballad "Silent Lucidity", which reached No. 9 on the Billboard singles chart, helped propel "Empire" to No. 7 on the album chart and earned two Grammy Award nominations.

Tate told that he will take the "Empire 30th Anniversary Tour" to "as many countries as I can and playing the album in its entirety, which I've never done before. So that'll be real fun. In fact, I think there's some songs on that album that I've never, ever played live before, so it'll be a treat — for me, as well, I think, for the audience too," the former QUEENSR?CHE singer said. "I'm really looking forward to that."

Tate told Eonmusic that one song from "Empire" that was rarely performed live is "Anybody Listening?" "When QUEENSR?CHE was together, we never really put that song in our set," he said. "We just had a hard time playing it, for some reason; it just never jelled or felt right. And I'd really like to play that song again, and play it right."

In April 2014, Tate and QUEENSR?CHE announced that a settlement had been reached after a nearly two-year legal battle where the singer sued over the rights to the QUEENSR?CHE name after being fired in 2012. Original QUEENSR?CHE members Michael Wilton (guitar), Scott Rockenfield (drums) and Eddie Jackson (bass) responded with a countersuit. The settlement included an agreement that Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson would continue as QUEENSR?CHE, while Tate would have the sole right to perform the albums "Operation: Mindcrime" and "Operation: Mindcrime II" in their entirety live.

Tate has been replaced in QUEENSR?CHE by former CRIMSON GLORY singer Todd La Torre.

Geoff recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of "Operation: Mindcrime" on European and U.S. tours.

Tate's post-QUEENSR?CHE band OPERATION: MINDCRIME released three albums over three years as part of a trilogy: "The Key" (September 2015), "Resurrection" (September 2016) and "The New Reality" (December 2017).