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THE OFFSPRING Guitarist On Working With Producer BOB ROCK: 'It's Been A Real Comfortable Relationship' - :::RockBy.Net:::

THE OFFSPRING Guitarist On Working With Producer BOB ROCK: 'It's Been A Real Comfortable Relationship'

THE OFFSPRING guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman spoke to Finland's Kaaos TV about the band's long-awaited tenth album. The follow-up to 2012's "Days Go By" was once again produced by Bob Rock, who also worked on the band's last two LPs.

Asked about the holdup in getting the new OFFSPRING disc released, Noodles said: "We want a distributor that can get it into all the right streaming services and iTunes, purchasing services, but then also kind of hook us up with the right people [from the media] to talk to about the record, so we get the word out about it I think what we'd like to do is work with a distributor, 'cause if we do it just on our own, there might be gaps that we miss. So we wanna work with somebody that does that and has all the bases covered."

On the topic of the musical direction of the new OFFSPRING material, Noodles said: "It's definitely an OFFSPRING record. There's songs that you're gonna hear that are gonna be easily recognizable as vintage-sounding OFFSPRING, for sure. We're doing a song live every night called 'It Won't Get Better'. We would like to do more of the stuff live, but we want the fans to hear the songs the way we recorded them, the way we want them to hear it rather than a shitty cellphone recording. One of the songs on there is gonna be 'Coming For You', which we released about four years ago, and that song is a good indication as well. Both those songs are pretty much dead center in what this record's gonna be like."

Speaking about THE OFFSPRING's working relationship with Rock, Noodles said: "We hit it off with him immediately. It's been a real comfortable relationship. He makes us work and he makes us try harder to be as best as we can, but he does it in a way that's cool he's not being a dick about it. He makes us feel like we can do it. Rather than making us feel like, 'Oh, man, we're not playing good enough,' or whatever, or, 'We're not coming up with the best parts for this,' he makes us feel like we've got more in us and we can bring more to the table. So it's great working with Bob. We love that guy."

As for a possible release date for the new OFFSPRING album, Noodles said: "Nobody believes me. I've been saying it's coming. I was saying it was coming last spring, so nobody believes me when I say it's gonna be out soon anymore. So I just stopped saying. It's gonna be soon. I mean, it's done, so It's just a matter of getting a distribution deal with somebody."

THE OFFSPRING debuted "It Won't Get Better" live in concert in June 2018 and has been performing it ever since. Noodles described the track as "kind of like a straight-forward OFFSPRING song."

THE OFFSPRING's last single, the aforementioned "Coming For You", dropped in 2015.

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