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Watch METALLICA's JAMES HETFIELD Rock Out To MOT?RHEAD's 'Ace Of Spades' While Driving

Over the weekend, METALLICA shared a video of frontman James Hetfield rocking out and singing along to MOT?RHEAD's classic song "Ace Of Spades" while driving in his car and flashing the "devil horns" hand gesture.

The band wrote in an accompanying message: "Happy Memorial Weekend!!!"

METALLICA paid tribute to MOT?RHEAD frontman Lemmy on its latest album, "Hardwired. To Self-Destruct", which came out less than a year after the iconic rocker's death.

"[It's] a song called 'Murder One', which was the name of [Lemmy's] amplifier, his favorite amp on stage," James told the 95.5 KLOS radio station. "And I loved being murdered every night by that thing, man. He was just such an icon, such an inspiration to us as a band. There's certainly no way we'd be around if there was no MOT?RHEAD. And, you know, to see your idol, your immortal one, actually be mortal, it hit us pretty hard. So I felt, lyrically, it makes sense to acknowledge him and how much he's meant in our lives."

In a separate interview with SiriusXM, Hetfield stated about the inspiration for "Murder One": "MOT?RHEAD had a lot to do with METALLICA sitting here right now. But just Lemmy as an entity, as kind of a father figure, he helped us a lot. He was unafraid. And he was a character. And he was himself. And we all respected that so much. He did his own thing to the last breath. No matter who you are, how could you not be inspired by that?"

Shortly after Lemmy's passing, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich penned a lengthy tribute to the MOT?RHEAD mainman in which looked back on the influence Lemmy had not just on METALLICA but also on him personally.

MOT?RHEAD won the "Best Metal Performance" Grammy in 2005 for its cover version of the METALLICA song "Whiplash".

At a 1995 gig at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, members of METALLICA celebrated Lemmy's 50th birthday by taking the stage as a wigged tribute band dubbed the LEMMYS.

In a 2011 interview with Metal Insider, Lemmy said: "You can't top METALLICA. They're really a fucking excellent band. I'm delighted that they said that I was one of their influences. Like, they have all of their influences, and you can't hear the influences in them, which is great. They've become their own people, and that's great. I like them a lot. I've spent a lot of time with those boys."

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