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ALICE COOPER Pays Tribute To 'Welcome To My Nightmare' Concert Film Director DAVID WINTERS

Alice Cooper has paid tribute to the British-born, Emmy-nominated choreographer, actor, producer, screenwriter and director David Winters, who recently passed away. Winters, whose credits include projects with Cooper, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, THE MONKEES and Elvis Presley, the Oscar-winning film "West Side Story" and the 1964 concert film "T.

A.M.I. Show", had turned 80 on April 5. He had reportedly been sick for awhile.

Cooper took to his Twitter earlier today to write: "David Winters realized what we were trying to do in 1975 with our rock production of 'Welcome To My Nightmare'. He saw the potential of merging hard rock Alice Cooper with theater. We chose him as director/choreographer because he portrayed A-Rab in the classic film 'West Side Story'. That film was a huge influence on us as a band. But most of all, David selected an 18-year-old ballerina out of hundreds of top-notch auditioning L.A. dancers to dance on the 'Welcome To My Nightmare' concert tour. That dancer (Sheryl) and I are still happily married after 43 years. I could not have found a more kindred spirit than David."

David participated in over 150 television series, television specials, and motion pictures. His accolades include a 1967 Emmy nomination for "Movin' With Nancy", a TV program starring Nancy Sinatra.

The "Welcome to My Nightmare" 1976 concert film accompanied the album, the stage show (also produced, directed and choreographed by Winters) by the same name and the TV special "Alice Cooper: The Nightmare". Though it failed at the box office, it later became a midnight movie favorite and a cult classic.

Rest In Peace David Winters.— Alice Cooper (@alicecooper) April 25, 2019