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Интрервью Князя Мышкина аргентинскому журналу

Князь мышкин дал интервью аргентинскосу журналу Nucleus. В нем Леонид Нарушевич раскрыл некоторые детали своего творчества, а также назвал стиль группы "Интуитивная Импровизация". Итак, запасаемся англо-русскими словарями - читаем.

“The Intuitive Improvisation Music”

Interview with the guitarist Leonid M. Narushevitch

By Sergio Vilar

Hello Leonid, could you present to the band for those that don't know them, and to be some detail of your beginnings?
My name is Leond Narushevitch. I am a guitar player in the band of intuitive improvisation named Knyaz Myshkin.
I started to play this stuff somwhen in 1989. I prefer to play among big amounts of musicians - in result we have more air and space in the music. My instruments are percussion, guitar and something else...

Inside that musical scene in particular would be included? What elements do they define the identity of your music?
As far as we compose our music straight on the stage, the basic factor is total silence in the audience, the rest is being born in a process...

Which would you say that they have been your fundamental influences?
Steve Reich, Rakhmaninov.... I''ve been in love to music for ages, I''ve started to compose my first fiddle-de-dees in 1974, i.e. in the early scool age...

What does it mean to improvise for you?
My music is a memory-photo. the most important thing in improvisation is a selection of participating musiciants, a kind of spiritual community. Nothing will happen without it. To improvise means to live a short piece of life onstage enforcing my point of view for the audience.

From where does the inspiration come when composing? Do you leave of something specific, or does that material live inside its heads?
Out of my head, nostrils, fingers.

Which is your perception of what happens at the present time to the music in Belarus?
It all right with music in Belarus. As far as belarus is an agricultural place, and our president is an agrarian, it all leads to a very own perseption of music and musicians. We''ve a very interesting noise scene, good blues musicians as well as us are pushing thru... Untill we have old comunists in our government we woun''t have something other in music...

Which are the limitations of the scene in your country?
No limitation, they just don''t care, and I am quite ok with it, web sites to prove...

Is there some new band that it has gotten you the attention?
Kampec Dolores, Erik Truffaz, John Zorn, Bill Laswell…

What projects do you have in mind for the rest of the year?
Some shows with King Crimson, Yes, Gong and Tom Waits.

Well Leonid, it has been a pleasure to speak with you. Do you have something more than you want to add?
I would love to come to Argentina, to taste your steaks, to drink your wine and to wallow in your pampas.
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