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Новый релиз (HED) P.E. выйдет зимой

(HED) P.E. выпустят новую компиляцию, получившую название "Califas Worldwide", 17 декабря на Suburban Noize Records. Трек-лист: 01. Not Today (feat. The Final Clause of TACITUS) 02.

Choose Sides (feat. Mr. Talkative)

03. Fuck What You Say (feat. Breez)

04. Your Pride (feat. Lio Mori)

05. Across The Universe (feat. Ipcus Pinecone of THE VILLEBILLIES)

06. All That Matters (feat. Brandon the Wizard)

07. Leave Em All Behind (feat. Johnny Richter of KING KLICK and formerly of THE KOTTONMOUTH KINGS, John E. Necro of OPM, and THE LOST SOUL)

08. Hurricane (feat. Sad Silence)

09. Nothing (feat. MUSICATRISK)

10. Stand Or Fall (feat. Hunter Friary)

11. Hate (Is the Weapon) (feat. Full Frontal Lobotomy)

12. Stop Time (feat. Lio Mori)

13. Time Is Up (feat. Nail)

14. Portal (feat. Brandon the Wizard)

15. Enemies (feat. Electric Poets)

16. Crazy I Like (feat. Chubby Unicorn)

17. Just Like You (feat. Attack Mods)

18. One Nite (feat. Lio Mori)

19. Draw The Line (feat. Lio Mori)

20. Red Herring (feat. Lucid)

21. PMA All Day (feat. Shifty of CRAZYTOWN, DJ 6Blocc, Angelo Moore of FISHBONE, HR of BAD BRAINS, Mikal Blue, Norwood Fisher of FISHBONE, Peter Distefano of PORNO FOR PYROS)
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