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Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist DJ ASHBA To Release Second EDM Single 'Let's Dance' Feat. SIXX:A.M.'s JAMES MICHAEL

Former GUNS N' ROSES and current SIXX:A.M. guitarist DJ Ashba introduced his unique version of EDM to the world last summer with his debut single "Hypnotic". Having creatively combined multiple genres with EDM into one unique sound, Ashba continues forging his journey into an exciting new genre with his second single, "Let's Dance", available on Friday, October 16.

Mixed and mastered by three-time Grammy nominee Luca Pretolesi of Studio DMI (Steve Aoki, Diplo, Lil Jon), the track features James Michael, co-founder and lead singer of SIXX:A.M., which he and DJ formed with Nikki Sixx (M?TLEY CR?E).

"On 'Let's Dance', my goal was to create the perfect blend of rock and EDM by laying down the foundation with an infectious hardcore dance beat, melodic guitars and topping it off with one of the best vocalists in rock," said Ashba. "Now the party moves from Las Vegas to Miami, and James Michael is right there with this understated bravado sure to surprise our rock fans and hopefully capture the attention of club-goers around the world. I want to bring them all together for an amazing celebration."

Pretolesi said: "Ashba brings a new dynamic to dance music with his amazing live guitar element married with an electronic foundation that makes his sound incredibly unique."

Michael added: "To hear Ashba's incredible guitar work surrounded by the electronics of EDM showcases not only his skills as an artist but as a producer and writer as well. I was thrilled when he invited me to be a feature on 'Let's Dance'!"

As part of the "Let's Dance" premiere, Ashba will have two Instagram live chats leading up to the single's release:

Today, Wednesday, October 14 at 6:00 p.m. PDT: DJ Ashba and Luca Pretolesi

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 15 at 8:00 p.m. PDT: DJ Ashba and James Michael

Click here to join the live chat.

Ashba, signed to Edgeout Records/Universal Music Group/UMe, wrote and produced "Let's Dance". Ashba's unwavering experimental vision and Pretolesi's skillful mixing touch results in a sound that adds yet another new dimension to EDM.

"Ashba's unique version of EDM, immediately caught my attention. And now, the industry is calling his music the new sound coming out of Vegas," says Tony Guanci, Edgeout founder and label head.

Ashba told the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the musicial approach of his new effort: "I would go to a lot of EDM concerts, and their shows are so over the top and, you know, all these young kids just losing their minds, right? And the one thing that I've noticed is … it lacks guitar, you know, and I saw an opportunity, like five years ago, going, 'If I could take what I do and somehow inject it into this world.' A lot of kids are not being exposed to a lot of guitar in that world."

"Hypnotic" and "Let's Dance" will appear on ASHBA's first full-length effort. According to DJ, he will promote the LP by embarking on a tour on which he will be joined only by a VJ.

"The one thing I've noticed is the lack of performance. Now, that excludes a lot of the good ones, like Aoki — there's nobody like him, and Diplo, and Calvin Harris's brilliance is amazing," Ashba told Las Vegas Review-Journal. "But I'm but I'm talking about performances as far people bringing an instrument onstage."

Although Ashba initially started work on the project as a collaboration with Michael — under the band name PYROMANTIC — it has since evolved into an Ashba solo venture, with Michael announcing in 2018 that he was stepping away from the group.

Photo credit: Michael Pool


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