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Видео с текстом от AYREON

AYREON опубликовали официальное видео с текстом на песню "Talk of the Town". Эта песня взята из альбома "Transitus", выходящего 25 сентября на Music Theories Recordings. CD1 01.

Fatum Horrificum (A] Graveyard, B] 1884, C] Daniel And Abby, D] Fatum, E] Why?!, F] Guilty)

02. Daniel's Descent Into Transitus

03. Listen To My Story

04. Two Worlds Now One

05. Talk Of The Town

06. Old Friend

07. Dumb Piece Of Rock

08. Get Out! Now!

09. Seven Days, Seven Nights


01. Condemned Without A Trial

02. Daniel's Funeral

03. Hopelessly Slipping Away

04. This Human Equation

05. Henry's Plot

06. Message From Beyond

07. Daniel's Vision

08. She Is Innocent

09. Lavinia's Confession

10. Inferno

11. Your Story Is Over!

12. Abby In Transitus

13. The Great Beyond
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