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Обучающее видео от EVERGREY

Вокалист EVERGREY Tom Englund опубликовал обучающее видео "Tom Plays Guitar And Talks Shit". #Evergrey #ProgressiveMetal #Progressive_Metal

com/medias-static/images/news/2020/5EC4BB1C-evergrey-frontman-tom-englund-posts-disconnect-playthrough-video-great-music-too-bad-about-the-face-image.jpg" alt="EVERGREY Frontman TOM ENGLUND Posts "Disconnect" Playthrough Video - "Great Music; Too Bad About The Face"">

Крыніца - DARKSIDE

      Спампаваць mp3 гурта EVERGREY (Ambassador, As I Lie Here Bleeding, End Of Your Days, Essence Of Conviction, I'm Sorry, Mark Of The Triangle, Nosferatu, She Speaks To The Dead, The Essence Of Conviction, The Great Deceiver, The Masterplan, Visions, Waking Up Blind, When The Walls Go Down, Your Darkest Hour)