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Новое видео THEMATIC

"Silence In Thought", новое видео группы THEMATIC, доступно для просмотра ниже. Эта песня взята из альбома "Skyrunner", выходящего 31 января. Трек-лист: "Incarnate" "Skyrunner" "The Open Arms Of Grace" "Dirt And Chains" "The Last Boundary" "Silence In Thought" "Abyss" "Malice" "Carry The Fire" "Solitude" "Universe Bloom" "With Empty Hands" "Falling Star" "This Golden Day" #Thematic

com/medias-static/images/news/2019/5DF15598-thematic-american-prog-rock-quartet-to-release-skyrunner-album-in-january-preview-video-image.jpeg" alt="THEMATIC - American Prog Rock Quartet Premiers "Silence In Thought" Music Video">

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