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Вокалист BOSTON выпускает сольный альбом

Tommy DeCarlo выпустит дебютную сольную пластинку, получившую название Dancing In The Moonlight, девятого декабря на Frontiers Music Srl. Видео на Dancing In The Moonlight доступно ниже: "Dancing In The Moonlight" "Change Our Fate" "Beyond Forever" "Life Is Just A Game" "No Surrender" "The Game Is On" "The Road Will Lead To You" "In The Hands Of Fate" "Find The Love" "Home To You" "Spread Your Wings And Fly" "You And Me" #Boston #HardRock #Hard_Rock

com/medias-static/images/news/2022/6335CE1C-boston-vocalist-tommy-decarlo-to-release-debut-solo-album-in-december-music-video-for-title-track-dancing-in-the-moonlight-streaming-image.jpeg" alt="BOSTON Vocalist TOMMY DeCARLO To Release Debut Solo Album In December; Music Video For Title Track "Dancing In The Moonlight" Streaming">

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