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GTP tabs by group Sonata Arctica

8th Commandment
8th Commandment (version 2)
Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited
Aint't your fairytale
Black Sheep
Black Sheep
Black Sheep (version 2)
Black Sheep (version 3)
Blank File
Blank File (version 2)
Blank File (version 3)
Blank File (version 4)
Blinded No More
Broken (version 2)
Champagne Bath
Destruction Preventer
Destruction Preventer
Don't Say A Word
Draw Me
False News Travel Fast
Full Moon
Fullmoon (version 2)
Fullmoon (version 3)
gelcapo@hotmail.com Kingdom for a heart (version 2)
gelcapo@hotmail.com Kingdom for a heart (version 3)
gelcapo@hotmail.com Replica
gelcapo@hotmail.com Replica (version 2)
gelcapo@hotmail.com Still Loving you
gelcapo@hotmail.com Still Loving you (version 2)
I want out
I want out (version 2)
Jani's Demo
Kingdom for a heart
Kingdom For a Heart (version 3)
Kingdom For a Heart (version 4)
Land of free
Land Of The Free
Last Drop Falls
Last Drop Falls (version 2)
Letter To Dana
Letter To Dana (version 2)
Letter To Dana (version 3)
Mary Lou (ecliptica bonus track)
My Land
My Land (version 2)
My Land (version 3)
My Land (version 4)
My Land (version 5)
My Selene
My Selene (version 2)
PeaceMaker (version 2)
Picturing The Past
Replica (intro) ()
replica acoustic
Revontulet (version 2)
Revontulet (version 3)
San Sebastian
San Sebastian (version 2)
San Sebastian (version 3)
San Sebastian (revisited)
Shy (version 2)
Silver tongue
Sing In Silence
Still Loving You (version 2)
Tallulah (version 2)
The Art Of Jani Liimatainen
The cage
The Cage
The End Of This Chapter
The Misery
The Power of One
The Power Of One
The Ruins of my Life
The Shamandalie
The Wind Beneath My Wings
Unopened (version 2)
UnOpened (version 3)
Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret (version 2)
Victoria's Secret (version 3)
Victoria's Secret (version 4)
Weballergy (version 2)
Weballergy (version 3)
Weballergy (version 4)
White Pearl, Black Oceans...
Wolf and Raven
Wolf And Raven (version 2)
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