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GTP tabs by group Scorpions

Alien Nation
Alien Nation (version 2)
alien nation 2
Always Somewhere
Another Piece Of Meat
Are You The One?
Bad Boys Running Wild (Intro)
Believe in love
Big City Nights
Can't Live Without You
Can't Live Without You (version 2)
Can't Live Without You (version 3)
coming hemo
Coming home
Does anyone know
Does Anyone Know
Does Anyone Know (version 3)
Holiday (Single Acoustic Guitar)
I Can't Explain
In Trance
is there anybody there
Kicks after six
Lady Starlight
Lady starlight (version 2)
Living For Tomorrow
lonely nights
Lonely nights (version 2)
Loving You Sunday Morning
Maybe I Maybe You
Maybe I Maybe You (version 2)
Moment Of Glory
New generation
No one like you
No One Like You (version 2)
No One Like You (version 2)
No Pain No Gain
Passion Rules The Game
Pictured Life
polar nights
Rhythm Of Love
Rhythm Of Love
Rhythm Of Love (version 3)
Rock you like a hurricane
Rock you like a hurricane (version 2)
Rock You Like A Hurricane (version 3)
Rock You Like A Hurricane (version 4)
Sail Of Charon
Scorpions - Always somewhere (version 2)
Scorpions - Oh Girl
Send me an angel
Send me an angel (version 2)
She Said
Someone To Touch
Still loving you
Still Loving You (version 3)
Still Loving You (version 4)
STILL LOVING YOU (version 5)
Still loving you (version 6)
Still Loving You (version 7)
Still Loving You (version 8)
Still loving you1
Tease Me Please Me
Tease me please me (version 2)
Tease me please me (version 3)
The Best Is Yet To Come
The Game Of Life
The Zoo
The Zoo (version 2)
We Were Born To Fly
We'll Burn The Sky
We'll Burn The Sky (version 2)
When the smoke is going down
When the smoke is going down (version 2)
When You Came Into My Life
When you came into my life (version 2)
White dove
Wild Child
Wild Child (version 2)
Wind Of Change
Wind Of Change (version 2)
Wind Of Change (version 3)
Wind of change (live version)
You and i
You give me all i need
your last song intro
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