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GTP tabs by group Nirvana

(New Wave) Polly
About A Girl
About A Girl (version 4)
About a Girl (version 5)
About a girl (Концертная версия)
About a Girl (Акустическая версия)
Aero Zepplin
All Apologies
All Apologies
All Apologies (version 2)
Aneurysm (version 2)
Aneurysm (version 3)
Aneurysm (version 4)
Bambi Slaughter / Bambi Kill
Been A Son
Been A Son (version 2)
Beeswax (version 2)
Big Cheese
Big Long Now
Big Long Now (version 2)
Big Long Now (version 3)
Breed (version 2)
Breed (version 3)
Breed (version 4)
Breed (version 5)
cocaine girl
Cocaine girl (version 2)
Come As You Are
Come As You Are (version 2)
Come As You Are (version 3)
Come As You Are (version 3)
Come As You Are (Акустическая версия)
Dive (version 2)
Dive (version 3)
Do Re Mi
Downer (version 2)
Drain You
Drain You (version 2)
Drain You (version 3)
Drain You (version 3)
Drain You (version 4)
Drain You (version 4)
Dumb (version 3)
Dumn (version 2)
Endless Nameless
Even in His Youth
Floyd the Barber
Floyd The Barber (version 2)
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (version 2)
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (version 3)
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (version 4)
Hairspray Queen
Heart Shaped Box
Heart Shaped Box (version 2)
Heart Shaped Box (version 3)
heart shaped box (version 4)
Heart Shaped Box (version 6)
Heart-Shaped Box
Heart-shaped box (version 5)
Heart-Shaped Box (version 7)
I Hate Myself & Want to Die (version 2)
I hate myself and i want to die
I Hate Myself and I Want to Die (version 2)
I Hate Myself And Want To Die
If You Must
In Bloom
In Bloom (version 2)
In Bloom (version 4)
In Bloom (version 5)
In Bloom (version 6)
In Bloom (version 7)
In Bloom (version 8)
In his hands
jesus does't want me for a sunbeam
Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam
Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam
Lake Of Fire
Lake Of Fire
Lake Of Fire (version 2)
Lake Of Fire (Акустическая версия)
Lake of fire (Акустическая версия)(version 2)
Lithium (version 2)
Lithium (version 3)
Lithium (version 4)
Lithium (version 5)
Lithium (version 6)
Lithium (version 7)
lithium 2
Lounge Act
Lounge Act (version 2)
lounge act (version 4)
Lounge Act (version 5)
Love Buzz
Love Buzz (version 2)
Love Buzz (version 3)
Love Buzz (version 4)
Marigold (version 2)
Mexican Seafood
Milk It
Milk It (version 3)
Milk It (Концертная версия)
moist vagina
Molly's Lips
Molly's Lips (version 3)
Mollys Lips
Mr Moustache (version 2)
Mr. Moustache
Mrs. Butterworth
Negative Creep
Negative Creep (version 2)
Negative Creep (live)
Nirvana (version 2)
Nirvana - Come As You Are
Nirvana - In Bloom
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (batterie)
Nirvana- Polly (version 2)
Oh Me
Oh Me (version 2)
Oh the Guilt
Old Age
On A Plain
On A Plain (version 2)
On a Plain (version 3)
On a Plain (version 4)
On A Plain (version 5)
On a plain (version 6)
On A Plain (Акустическая версия)
Opinion (version 2)
Paper Cuts
Pen Cap Chew
Penny Royal Tea (Acoustic)
Pennyroyal Tea
Plateau (version 2)
Plateau (Акустическая версия)
Plateau (Unplugged)
polly (version 3)
Polly (version 5)
Polly (version 6)
Polly (version 9)
Polly (version 10)
Polly (version 11)
Polly (Акустическая версия)
polly acoustic (version 7)
Polly(new wave)
Poly (version 8)
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Rape Me
Rape Me
Rape Me (version 2)
Rape me (version 4)
Rape Me (version 5)
Rape me (version 6)
Rape Me (version 7)
Rape me (version 8)
Sad (version 2)
Sappy (version 2)
Sappy (Acoustic)
Sappy (Acoustic) (version 2)
Scentless Apprentice
Scentless Apprentice (version 2)
Scentless apprentice (version 3)
School (version 2)
School (version 3)
Scoff (version 2)
Serve the Servants
Serve the Servants (version 2)
Serve the Servants (version 3)
Smells like teen spirit
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 1)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 2)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 5)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 7)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 8)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 9)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 10)
smells like teen spirit (version 11)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 12)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 13)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 14)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 15)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 16)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 17)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 18)
Smells like teen spirit (version 19)
Smells like teen spirit (version 20)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 21)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (version 22)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (My fingerstyle)
Something in the Way
Something In The Way (version 2)
Something In The Way (version 3)
Something In The Way (Акустическая версия)
Something In The Way (Акустическая версия)(version 2)
Son Of A Gun (version 2)
Spank Thru
Spank Thru (Live)
Stay Away (version 2)
Stay Away (version 3)
Swap Meet
Swap Meet (version 2)
Talk To Me
Territorial Pissing
Territorial Pissings
Territorial Pissings
Territorial Pissings (version 2)
Territorial pissings (version 3)
Territorial Pissings (version 4)
The man who sold the world
The Man Who Sold The World (version 2)
The Man Who Sold The World (version 3)
The Man Who Sold The World (version 4)
The Man Who Sold the World (version 5)
The Man Who Sold The World (version 6)
The Man Who Sold The World (version 7)
The man who sold the world (version 8)
Token Eastern Song
Tourettes (live) (Концертная версия)
Tourettes (Live) (Концертная версия)(version 2)
Verse Chorus Verse
Verse Chorus Verse (version 2)
Verse Chorus Verse (version 3)
Very Ape
Very Ape (version 2)
Very ape (version 3)
Where did you sleep last night
Where did you sleep last night (version 2)
Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
You Got No Right
You Know You're Right (version 2)
You Know You're Right (version 3)
You know you're right (version 4)
You Know Your Right
You Know Your Right
You Know youre right
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