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GTP tabs by group Megadeth

1000 Times Goodbye
1000 Times Goodbye (version 2)
1000 Times Goodbye (version 3)
502 (version 2)
99 Ways To Die
99 Ways To Die (version 2)
99 Ways To Die (version 3)
99 Ways To Die (solo) ()
A Secret Place
A Secret Place (version 2)
A Tout le Monde
A Tout Le Monde (version 2)
A Tout Le Monde (version 3)
A tout le monde ()
Addicted to Chaos
Addicted to Chaos (version 2)
Addicted to Chaos (version 3)
almos honest
Almost Honest
American Onanist
Anarchy in the U.K.
Angry Again
Angry Again (version 2)
Angry Again (version 3)
angry again 2
Architecture Of Aggresion
Architecture of Aggresion
Ashes in your mouth
Ashes in your mouth (version 2)
Ashes in your Mouth (version 3)
Ashes in your mouth (version 4)
Ashes in your Mouth (Rude Awakening)
Back in the Day
Bad Omen
Bad Omen (version 2)
Black Curtains
Black Friday
Blackmail The Universe
Blackmail The Universe (version 2)
Blood Of Heroes
Breadline (1st Part)
Burning Bridges
Burning Bridges (version 2)
Captive Honour
Captive Honour (version 2)
Captive Honour (version 2)
Captive Honour (version 3)
Chosen Ones
Coming Home
Countdown To Extinction
Countdown To Extinction
Countdown To Extinction
Countdown To Extinction (version 4)
Countdown To Extinction (version 5)
Countdown to Extinction (version 6)
Crown Of Worms
Crown of Worms (version 2)
Crush 'EM
Crush 'Em (version 2)
Dawn Patrol
Devil's Island
Diadems (version 2)
Die Dead Enough
Die Dead Enough (version 2)
Die Dead Enough (version 3)
Disconnect (solo) ()
Down Patrol
Dread &And The Fugitive Mind (version 5)
Dread And The Fugitive Mind
Dread And The Fugitive Mind (version 2)
Dread And The Fugitive Mind (version 3)
Dread and the Fugitive Mind (version 4)
Dread and the Fugitive Mind (version 6)
Duke Nukem Theme
Duke Nukem theme
Duke Nukem Theme
Elysian Fields
Family Tree
Family Tree (version 2)
Fatal Illusion
FFF (version 2)
Five Magics
Five Magics (version 2)
Foreclosure of a Dream (version 2)
Foreclosure Of A Dream (version 3)
Gears of War
Gears Of War (Demo)
gelcapo@hotmail.com Hanger 18 (version 2)
Go To Hell
Good Mourning / Black Friday
Good Mourning/Black Friday (version 2)
Hanger 18
Hanger 18 (version 2)
Hanger18 (version 3)
Have Cool Will Travel
Head Crusher
High Speed Dirt
High Speed Durt (version 2)
Holy Wars
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (version 2)
Hook In Mouth
Hook in mouth (version 3)
Hook In Mouth (version 4)
I Know Jack
I Know Jack (version 2)
I Thought I Knew It All
I Thought I Knew It All (version 2)
I'll Be There
I'll Get Even
In My Darkest Hour
In My Darkest Hour (version 2)
In My Darkest Hour (version 3)
Insomnia (version 2)
Into The Lungs Of Hell
Into the lungs of hell
Into The Lungs Of Hell (version 2)
Into The Lungs Of Hell (version 3)
Kick The Chair
Kick The Chair (version 2)
Kill the King
Kill The King (version 2)
Kill The King (version 3)
Killing Is My Business...And Busniess Is Good!
Killing Road
Last Rites - Loved to Deth
Last rites-Loved to deth
Last Rites/Loved To Deth
Liar (version 3)
Looking Down the Cross
Looking Down the Cross (version 2)
Lucretia (version 2)
Lucretia (version 3)
Mary Jane
Mary Jane (version 2)
Mastermind (version 2)
Mechanix (version 2)
Megadeth - Hook in Mouth ()
Megadeth - I'll Get Even
Megadeth - I'll Get Even (version 2)
Millennium Of The Blind
Millennium of the Blind (version 2)
Moto Psycho
Moto Psycho (version 2)
My Creation
My Kingdom
My Last Words
New World Order
New World Order (version 2)
Of Mice and Men
Paranoid (version 2)
Paranoid (version 3)
Paranoid (version 4)
Peace Sells
Peace Sells...But Who's Buying
Peace Sells...But Who's Buying (version 2)
Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
Poison Was The Cure
Poison Was The Cure (version 2)
Poison Was The Cure (version 3)
Prince of Darkness
Promises (version 2)
Promises (version 3)
Psychotron (version 2)
Psychotron (version 3)
public enemy no.1
Recipe for Hate...Warhorse
Recipe for Hate...Warhorse (version 2)
Reckoning Day
Return To Hangar
Return to hangar (version 2)
Return To Hangar (version 3)
Rust In Peace ... Polaris
Rust In Peace... Polaris (version 4)
Rust In Peace.... Polaris (version 2)
Rust In Peace.... Polaris (version 3)
Set the World Afire
Set The World Afire (version 2)
Shadow Of Deth
She Wolf
She Wolf (version 2)
She Wolf (version 3)
She Wolf (version 4)
She Wolf (Rude Awakening)
Silent Scorn
Silent Scorn (version 2)
Skin O' My Teeth
Skin O' My Teeth (version 2)
Skull Beneath The Skin
Something That I'm Not
Strange Ways
Sweating Bullets
Sweating Bullets
Sweeting Bullets
Symphony of Destruction
Symphony of Destruction (version 2)
Symphony of Destruction (version 3)
Symphony of Destruction (version 4)
Symphony Of Destruction Solo ()
Symphony of destructiongabo763
Take No Prisoners
Take No Prisoners (version 2)
Take No Prisoners (version 2)
Tears In A Vial
The Conjuring
The Disintegrators
The Doctor Is Calling
The Doctor Is Calling (version 2)
The Four Horsemen
The Killing Road
The Killing Road (version 2)
The Killing Road (version 3)
The Killing Road (version 4)
The Killing Road (version 5)
The One Thing
The Right To Go Insane
The Scorpion
The Scorpion (version 2)
The World Needs a Hero
The World Needs A Hero (version 2)
These Boots
This Was My Life
This Was My Life (version 2)
This Was my Life (version 3)
This Was My Life (version 4)
Time The Beginning and The End
Tornado Of Souls
Tornado of Souls (version 2)
Tornado Of Souls (version 3)
Tornados Of Souls
Train of Consequences
Train Of Consequences (version 2)
Trust (version 2)
Truth Be Told
Use The Man
Use The Man (version 2)
Victory (version 2)
Vortex (version 2)
Wake Up Dead
Wanderlust (version 2)
Washington Is Next!
Youthanasia (version 2)
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