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GTP tabs by group Linkin Park

A Place For My Head
a place for my head (version 2)
A Place For My Head (version 3)
A Place For My Head (intro) ()
a.Somewhere I Belong (version 4)
And One
Bleed It Out
bleed it out 2
Breaking The Habit
Breaking The Habit (version 2)
Breaking The Habit (version 3)
Burning In The Skies
By Myself
Crawling (version 2)
Crawling (version 3)
Crawling (version 4)
Crawling (version 5)
Cure For The Itch
Cure For The Itch (version 2)
Don't Stay (version 2)
Don't Stay (version 3)
Don't Stay (version 4)
Easier To Run
Easier To Run (version 2)
Easier To Run (version 3)
Enth E Nd
Faint (version 2)
Faint (version 3)
Faint (version 4)
Faint (live) ( )
Figure (version 2)
Figure .09
Forgotten (version 2)
Forgotten (version 3)
From The Inside
From The Inside (version 2)
From The Inside (version 3)
Given up
Given up (version 2)
High Voltage
Hip-Hop Medley(Live RAR 2004)
Hit The Floor
Hit The Floor (version 2)
Hit The Floor (version 3)
In Pieces
In The End
In The End (version 4)
In the End (version 5)
In the End (version 6)
In the end (version 7)
In The End (Remix) ()
Jigga What/Faint
Leave out all the rest
Leave Out All The Rest (version 2)
Little Things Give You Away
Live Ozzfest 2001 (With You)
Lying From You
Lying From You (version 2)
Lying From You (version 3)
Lying From You (version 4)
lying from you piano version
My December
My December (version 2)
My{Dsmbr (version 3)
My{Dsmbr (version 4)
new divide
New divide (version 2)
New Divide (version 3)
new divide 3
No more sorrow
No more sorrow (version 2)
Nobody's listening
ntr mission (version 2)
Numb (version 2)
numb (version 3)
Numb (version 4)
Numb (version 5)
One Step Closer
One Step Closer (version 4)
one step closer (version 5)
One Step Closer (version 6)
One Step Closer (version 7)
One Step Closer (version 8)
One Step Closer (2) (version 2)
P5hng Me A*WY (version 2)
P5shng Me A_wy (version 3)
Papercut (version 2)
Papercut (version 3)
papercut (version 4)
Papercut (version 5)
Part Of Me
Point Of Authority (version 2)
Point Of Authority (version 3)
Points Of Authority
Points Of Authority
Pushing Me Away
Pushing me away (version 2)
Pushing Me Away (version 3)
Pushing Me Away (version 3)
Pushing me away (version 4)
Pushing Me Away (Reanimation)
Session (version 2)
Shadow Of the Day
Somewhere I Belong (version 2)
Somewhere I Belong (version 3)
Somewhere I Belong (version 6)
Somewhere I Belong (version 7)
Somewhere I Belong String Intro ()
Somwhere I Belong
Somwhere I Belong (version 5)
Soul Song
The morning after
The Mourning After
What I've done
What I've Done (version 2)
What Ive Done (Acoustic Version)
What I`ve done
With You
With You (version 2)
With You (version 3)
With You (version 4)
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