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GTP tabs by group DEEP PURPLE

A Gipsy's Kiss
Anthem (version 2)
Anya (version 2)
Anyone's Daughter
Bad attitude
Bad Attitude (version 2)
Black & White
Black Night
Black Night (version 2)
Burn (version 2)
Burn (version 3)
Call Of The Wild
Cascades I`m Not Your Lover (Соляк)
Cascades: I'm Not Your Lover
Child in Time
Child In Time
Child In Time (version 2)
Child In Time (version 3)
Child In Time (Соляк)
Child In Time (Solo)
Contact Lost
Contact Lost (version 2)
Cut runs deep
Dead Or Alive (Концертная версия)
Deep Purple (version 2)
Demon Eye
Demon's Eye
Flight of the rat
Fools (version 2)
Gettin' Tighter
Gypsy's kiss
Hard lovin' man
Hard Lovin' Woman
Highway Star
Highway Star (version 2)
Highway Star (version 3)
Highway Star (version 4)
Highway Star (version 5)
Highway Star (version 6)
Highway star (solo) (Соляк)
Highway Star (solo) (Соляк)(version 2)
Holy man
House of pain
Hungry Daze
Hush (old)
I'm Alone
Into The Fire
into the fire (version 2)
Jam Stew
Kentucky Woman
Knocking At Your Back Door
Knocking at your back door (version 2)
Lady double dealer (solo) (Соляк)
Lay Down, Stay Down
Lay down, stay down (version 2)
Lazy (version 2)
Little Martha
living wreck
love child
Love Conquers All
Mad Dog
Mary Long
Maybe I'm A Leo (solo) (Соляк)
Mean Streak
Mistreated (version 2)
mistreated (version 3)
Mitzi Dupree
Never a word
Never Before
No No No
No One Came
Nobody's home
Perfect strangers
Picture of Home
Pictures Of Home (version 2)
Pictures Of Home
Pictures Of Home (version 3)
Rat Bat Blue
Smoke On the Water
Smoke On The Water
Smoke On The Water
Smoke On The Water (version 2)
Smoke On The Water (version 2)
Smoke On the Water (version 3)
Smoke On the Water (version 4)
Smoke On the Water (Ремикс)
Smoke On The Water (Соляк)
Smoke on the Water (Концертная версия)
Smoke on the Water (LIVE) (Полностью)
Smoke On The Water - Solo (Соляк)(version 2)
Smoke on the Water LIVE
Smooth dancer
Soldier of fortune
Soldier Of Fortune (version 2)
Soldier of fortune (version 3)
Somebody stole my guitar
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (version 3)
sometimes i feel like screaming (version 4)
Sometimes I feel Like Screaming(intro) (Интро)
Sometimes I feel Like Screaming(solo) (Соляк)
Space Truckin'
Space Truckin' (version 2)
Speed King
Speed King (version 2)
Speed King (version 3)
Steve Morse Guitar Solo
Stormbringer (version 2)
Strange Kind Of Woman
Strange Kind Of Woman (version 3)
Strange Kind Of Woman (version 4)
Strange Kind Of Woman (2) (version 2)
Super Trouper
The Battle Rages On
The Gypsy
The Mule
The Spanish Archer
The well dressed guitar
Under The Gun
Unwritten law
Vavoom Ted the mechanic
Wasted Sunsets
When A Blind Man Cries (Solo) (Соляк)
When A Clind Man Cries
Woman From Tokyo
Woman From Tokyo (version 2)
Woman From Tokyo (version 3)
Wring That Neck
Wring that neck
You Can't Do It Right
You Fool No One
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